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ASP.NET tends to involve combination of .Net framework and Active Server Pages to provide an easy way for creating dynamic web applications. Furthermore, it has several scalable features, while being simplified when compared to complex procedure of that of the traditional application development. Rather, development has proved as a wonderful platform especially for developers. Therefore, its demand has been increasing across the globe for various reasons. At Yati Global Solutions, we have sufficient experience and exposure in the domain.

Tasks accomplished by ASP.NET developers at Yati Global Solutions

We do offer a lot of services to our clients to ensure that all their customized requirements are met. Few of the tasks provided by us are as follows:

 E-Pay Web service integration: Customers are offered flexibility while making payment in any type of mode as desired by them. We integrate E-Pay facility not only in new sites, but also among the existing ones.

 Clean URLs: This concept can be applied for SEO purpose.

 Google-like Paging: One essential functionality is Paging as there could be records in thousands within the database. At the same time, it can be unwise for showing several pages at the page bottom at the time of navigation. It makes GUI to appear out of place. Google-like Paging is considered a wonderful way for dealing with such issues. It makes use of progressive paging approach.

 Excel/CSV import and export: In case, the site lacks support for import-export of any site modules, then functionality can be included in these modules also.

 Avoiding SQL injections: Website security can be strengthened by having protection included against SQL injections.

 Optimized bulk sending of e-mails: Since your business is required to send mails in thousands (like subscription reminders, newsletters, etc.), the current cod may be require to get cleansed for the purpose of better bulk-sending management.

 Marquee-like News ticker: For keeping the end users informed about the latest news, we incorporate marquee-like News tickers within the site.

For all types of solutions on ASP.NET, you can trust on us.

We are ASP.NET specialists and provide variety of aspects for your business. We understand your business needs and accordingly provide the solutions.